Canesugar Filmworks

We collect and we project. Making Sweet Cinema Since 2008.


I like to collect old dub reggae music, images of obscure things, books and books and stories that reveal secrets of the human heart – stories of the Jewish holocaust, the dismantling of Aboriginal culture to the future of human rights movements and education systems – the ongoing social constructs that we perpetuate. I collect stories about broken hearts, love, justice and equality. But what I like to collect most, are intimate moment-to-moment experiences.


I like to collect sounds, old stories and stories from old people, connections to the past, books and more books, and little tidbits of information.  I want to listen to people speak who often go unheard and then support them in sharing their voices with the world. I want to remember people’s expressions, memories, fears, and tales of bravery against insurmountable obstacles.